School of Tourism Penang Study Trip

The School of Tourism of SENTRAL College Penang organized an educational trip for students pursuing Diploma in Tourism Management and Certificate in Tourism Operations on 26th October 2017. A total of 30 students and 4 staff participated in this day trip. The purpose  of this study trip is to enable the students to have a first-hand knowledge of the operations related to their field of study – operations at the airport and hotel, and preparation of in-flight meals.


Penang International Airport

At the Penang International Airport, students had an opportunity to visit areas that are not accessible to the general public – VIP Room – besides common areas such as check-in counters, immigration clearance, security clearance, departure gates, baggage carousel and arrival hall to name a few.


En. Ismail explaining departing procedures to our students


Choy being inspected by an airport security officer


Students witnessing the flow of luggage


Brahim’s Airline Catering

The visit to Brahim’s Airline Catering SATS Sdn Bhd was an eye opening experience. Strict international food safety standards must be observed when visiting the kitchen and preparation area where special hygienic attire is required. Thereafter the group were served with some light refreshments.

Students wearing hygienic attire before entering the catering facility


Royal Chulan Hotel

Royal Chulan Hotel at Pengkalan Weld was the final stop of the study trip. It was good exposure for the students to see how a hotel operates, from the front of the house to the back of the house, as well as the laundry department.

Students learning about housekeeping

This study trip was eventful and beneficial to the students as it gave them a close-up look at these components of the industry and garners a firm understanding of their career in the tourism industry.


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