Coffee Factory Visit


Organizer : School of Business and Management
Project Title : Coffee Factory
Date : 22nd of May 2018 (Tuesday)
Time : 7.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Venue : Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd
Project Management : Students from SENTRAL College Penang

The motion of the industrial visit was to bring the conventional out-of-class learning into practical everyday business. With the visit, students are able to relate what they have learnt in the class to the industry. After sorting through a few industries, the organising committee had decided to visit the Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd at Bukit Mertajam. As the committee consists of students of different programs, planning was not easy especially at the initial stages but the level of commitment from the students made the entire event a success. The event took place from 7.30am to 2.00pm. There were altogether 62 students who participated in this visit.The purpose of organizing this event was to offer an opportunity for the students to learn more on coffee production and coffee-bean processing, which included the roasting process, packaging process and brewing process. With this knowledge perhaps the students will totally enjoy drinking their cuppa hereafter.This fellowship event aimed to encourage and motivate the students to have a good relationship with each other. The students also learnt new things from the Entrepreneur, Mr. Yeap (Founder of Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd, Mr. Yeap). Mr.Yeap shared his entrepreneurial experience in a short briefing and followed on with tutorial sessions and finally a question and answer session. It was definitely a good chance for the students to gain new knowledge from the founder’s entrepreneurial experience.

Students also had the chance to visit the storeroom of coffee beans imported from other countries. This visit exposed students to the industry, particularly to coffee processing and marketing. Besides, students had a fun learning experience outside their classroom as well as a good opportunity to raise awareness of SENTRAL College Penang among the external entrepreneurs. The founder of Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd, Mr. Yeap gave an in-depth introduction on coffee-bean production and coffee brewing as well as his entrepreneurial experience. This is definitely useful especially to our students who attended the event under the courses “Entrepreneurship”, “Small Business Management” and “Supply Chain Management” as they can see the importance of the theories they have learned to be imparted into real life scenarios.

This event was very successful and the participants enjoyed the learning session during the coffee industry visit. We are grateful to the School of Business & Management, SENTRAL College Penang for giving us the opportunity to carry out this event. We hope to have continuous opportunities to carry out similar or even better events in the near future.
Attach Photos of Activities:

Group photo – the participants, lecturers, committees and the founder of Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd.

Arrival at Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd.

Speech by Mr Yeap (Founder of Eastmate Coffee Sdn Bhd).


Tutorial session on brewing coffee (Demo by Mr Yeap).

Students were brewing their own coffee.

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