Seminar Digital Kerajaan 2017

The Seminar Digital Kerajaan 2017 was organized to share knowledge, ideas and experiences towards improving the delivery system of government services through the implementation of Digital Government to targeted groups. It also aims to instill and strengthen the information and communications technology (ICT) culture amongst civil servants as knowledgeable employees optimizing the use of ICT. Ten students pursuing BSc (Hons) Business IT, and eleven students pursuing Diploma in Computer Systems Technology at SENTRAL College Penang participated in the seminar.

Our students had the opportunity to showcase their project and ideas to the public. It was the proposal on the implementation of Beacon technology at SENTRAL. They managed to capture the attention of Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Farizan bin Darus, Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang and Dato’ Haji Ghazali Derahman, Timbalan Setiausaha Kerajaan (Pengurusan) / Merangkap CIO Negeri. The VIPs were truly impressed with our students’ project, as well as their communication and presentation skills. The words of encouragement from the VIPs motivated our students and boosted their confidence.

Daniel Phang (Bachelors of Business IT student) pitching the team’s idea to the VIPs

Furthermore, the discussion on technological adaption by the state and federal government agencies had helped the students to understand the real-life usage of ICT solutions. On how it was used to solve challenges faced by government such as waste disposal and monitoring air-quality. It also relates to the need of business and management input of the stated ICT solutions.

As one of the only two exhibitors representing the education sector, the CEO of Tech Dome Penang was extremely impressed with our students’ project. It prompted him to offer monetary support on future projects mirroring the implementation over Tech Dome Komtar. This served as evidence that our students from the School of Computer and Technology at SENTRAL College Penang are capable, knowledgeable and well-prepared to take real-life challenges.

Some Business IT student representatives

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