Application Developer (Front End)

This course provides you hands-on experience and exposure to developing HTML5 based single page application for browsers. This course builds strong foundation on HTML5 which will help developer to use HTML5 concepts for building responsive web application.

Learning OutcomeCourse Objectives

By the end of this SENTRAL College’s Industry 4.0 training course, participants will be able to : –

• Build strong expertise to develop front end applica-tion using HTML,CSS, Javascript and
Angualar Java.
• Implement MVC and responsive design to scale well across PC, tablet and Mobile Phone.
• Become proficient in Bootstrap concepts.
• Building Strong expertise to develop front end appli-cation using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript along with jQuery and AngularJS framework.

What You’ll Learn : –
• Enable participants to develop elegant and respon-sive Front-end by leveraging latest
• By the end of the program participants will be be-come an industry-ready engineer who can be readily deployed in a project.
• Build strong foundations (ex: Design pattern) in entry level engineers thereby making them job ready as per industry requirements. Enable them to learn new technologies by applying foundation paradigms.


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