Certified Security Aware User (CSAU)

Any hacker will tell that the easiest target isn’t a system or a technology — it’s people. In this course, you’ll learn how to engage your audience and create “pull” for your training and awareness. You’ll learn how to assess the security culture of your organization and map out a plan to improve it. You’ll learn how align your program to your organization’s goals and get executive support. You’ll learn how people learn, and how they consume media. You’ll learn how to create marketing personas and how to get the right message to the right person at the right time, increasing the likelihood of behavioral change.

Learning OutcomeCourse Objectives

By the end of this SENTRAL College’s Industry 4.0 training course, participants will be able to : –
• Create and manage a security awareness.
• Illustrate various types of Cyber Threats and Attacks.
• Reduce system and application security threats and vulnerabilities.
• Apply logical and physical security.
• Create defense plan for analyzed threats and risks within context of the cybersecurity architecture.

What You’ll Learn : –
• Evaluate your organization’s current level of human risk and the prevailing security culture.
• Evaluate your existing security awareness programs and necessary areas of improvement.
• Build a new program using time-tested techniques to get the right message to the right person at the
right time.
• Learn how to run an integrated campaign and measure results such as reach and engagement
throughout the security awareness “funnel”.


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