Our mission is to provide high-quality education, inspire growth, and create an innovative environment that is conducive to learning. Hence, we work hard to ensure that learning is beyond the classroom. We provide social and leadership opportunities that encourage student involvement to complement classroom learning. We hope to transform our students from the time they register to the time they graduate through engaging activities, campus life experiences, and interactions.

We understand growth and learning occur during their formative years at College. The Student Affairs Officer collaborates with the Head of Schools, Head of Programmes and Lecturers to engage students with innovative and intentional activities and events. These numerous pursuits help develop character, teach leadership skills, value diversity and enhance the overall quality of the student’s lives.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Student Representative Council (SRC) represents the students’ voice on campus. They are the link between students and college management. Additionally, they also plan campus events and provide moral support and assistance to other clubs. SRC desires to live up to its slogan – Service, Lead and Inspire.

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club is a service club for young men and women ages between 18 to 30 who are dedicated to community and international service. It is to improve the quality of self-government and self-support among students and communities and it can be either university or community-based.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club

The CSR Club is to act responsibly toward society, assist corporate companies in contributing toward important aspects and enhance the organization’s image. The CSR Club aptly chooses “Change in Society is our Responsibility” as its slogan, aims to undertake projects that are relevant and impactful in fostering the level of education for students and organizations and targeted communities.

Dance & Music Club

The Dance & Music Club focuses on bringing together students who enjoy music and performances. Like-minded students are encouraged to come together to share their talents with each other. The Club gives them the opportunity to enhance and develop their talents and it is a good platform for their artistic exploration.

Cultural Club

The Cultural Club was formed in February 2020 to promote cultural awareness among the students. Considering that Penang has such a rich cultural heritage, the Club was formed by the combination of the Permai Club, UCSA Club and ICS Club, each representing the major race in the country. The Clubs seeks to organize various cultural events.

Multimedia Club

The Multimedia Club is a medium that allows transferring of information from one to another. The Club aims to enhance the photography, design and editing skills among the students. In doing so, it hopes to develop the confidence and creativity of the students.

Sports & e-Sports Club

Sports and e-Sports Club endeavors to become the leading voice at the intersection of athletics, e-sports and academics. They hope to use this voice to unite, challenge and inspire the next generation of leaders to improve the lives of athletes, and e-sports and to act as stewards of the best practices in the sports and e-sports industry as a whole.