Our mission is to provide high-quality education, inspire growth, and create an innovative environment that is conducive to learning. Hence, we work hard to ensure that learning is beyond the classroom. We provide social and leadership opportunities that encourage student involvement to complement classroom learning. We hope to transform our students from the time they register to the time they graduate through engaging activities, campus life experiences, and interactions.

We understand growth and learning occur during their formative years at the campus. The Student Affairs Officer collaborates with Head of Schools, Head of Programmes and Lecturers to engage students with innovative and intentional activities and events. These numerous pursuits help develop character, teach leadership skills, value diversity and enhance the overall quality of the student’s lives.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is perhaps the highest of all student bodies in the college made up of student representatives from all the different programmes and Schools. They work closely with the management to ensure that the students’ voices on various issues relating to their educational experiences are heard, looked into and resolved.

United Chinese Students Association Club (UCSA)

A relatively active club that seeks to bring together all Chinese students in carrying out social and educational activities to create awareness about the Chinese traditions and culture among students of other racial backgrounds.

Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Club (PERMAI)

Uniting all Muslim students to carry out activities that seek to strengthen their faith and bond whilst promoting Islamic culture and practices among the College community.

Indian Cultural Society Club (ICS)

The ICS club as it is mostly commonly known, brings together students of Indian origin in order to organise various social and educational activities and projects to promote and share the Indian culture and practices among fellow students.

Computing & IT Club (CIT)

A club specifically for those with a keen interest in computing and information technology.

Rotaract Club

A spin-off of the very distinguished Rotary Club movement, the Rotaract club was mooted by the Rotary International in order to bring together people between the ages of 18 – 30 to engage in various social projects and events while inculcating leadership qualities and a sense of professionalism.

Integrity Club (IC)

Inculcating positive values and qualities among students by undertaking various projects and events to promote social, educational and environmental causes.

Entrepreneurship Club

Carrying out various projects and activities in order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.

The Accountancy Club (TAC)

Bringing together all students from the accounting stream to carry out various educational, social and fun activities in order to improve their bond and fellowship.

Arts and Cultural Club

Arts and Cultural Club is a club designed for students to broaden their horizons with cultural and ethnic experiences by engaging in a variety of arts and cultural activities.