Students’ Testimonials

Hein Yar Zar Shwe
Certificate in Business Information Technology

One must feel comfortable in order to fully benefit from one’s learning institution. I won’t be exaggerating if I were to say I feel at home when I’m in SENTRAL College Penang. The knowledge that I have gained and the friends that I have made will be in my memory for a long time. I am thankful to my College and friends.
William Ong
BSc (Hons) Business & Management,Buying Associate at Celestica

I have chosen the right college and program to study according to my interest. The BSc (Hons) Business & Management from the University of Salford, Manchester at SENTRAL College Penang has given me a head start in my career. I am able to apply what was theorised in and outside the classroom immediately.
Chew Wan Ling
Diploma in Early Childhood Education,Trinity Methodist Church Kindergarten

It has been such a wonderful experience for me at SENTRAL College Penang. The Diploma in Early Childhood Education has really prepared me for my teaching career. The lectures and assignments have really benefitted me. I have more confidence, knowledge and skills to handle the young children. The lecturers have been my pillars of support. They are approachable and will always lend a hearing ear regardless of academic or personal challenges. I also had the opportunity to hone my leadership skill as the President of Chil’ Debut Club in the College. SENTRAL College Penang would definitely be my recommendation to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in this field.
Choy Chung Mun
Diploma in Tourism Management,Komtar Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd

SENTRAL College Penang had been a great College to enhance my knowledge towards the travel industry. Without the dedicated lecturers and guidance provided by them I would not be able to perform so well at my internship in Komtar Tours. I am ecstatic as I have been given an opportunity to lead a tour group out of the country. It will be a working holiday for me.

Ooi Tin Phang
Diploma in Business Studies; Student Ambassador Treasurer; SENTRAL Merit Scholarship holder

SENTRAL’s scholarship has helped me a lot in my studies. Personally, I will suggest other students to apply for scholarships because it has certainly benefited me a lot in terms of my finances. With the help of the scholarship, you can further your studies and build a better future for yourself. I’m so grateful to have gotten the scholarship offered by SENTRAL College Penang!
Edward Phang Hun Siang
BSc (Hons) Business IT S.T.E.M Educator (IoT),SwissPac@Edu

My time at SENTRAL College Penang was well invested. I was able to use the knowledge and skills that I have acquired during my internship as S.T.E.M Educator in SwissPac. I was able to face each challenge and task head on with confidence. The internship and time at my College are very valuable to me as those are the cornerstone to my career. I was immediately hired by SwissPac upon completion of my internship. The lessons I learned, the time, the memories and friends that I made in SENTRAL College are irreplaceable. I am thankful for each one of them for guiding and teaching me.

Phillips Priyanka
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

It has been a pleasant journey for me at SENTRAL College Penang. The International Students Department guided me patiently through my whole application process. The lecturers were professional and approachable in guiding the students allowing them to progress and mature. This has helped me to be more responsible and motivated to study at my own pace because I know I can always depend on my lecturers for guidance. I’m glad that I have made the choice to study at SENTRAL.