SENTRAL’s Green Culture

Go Green! This is the new war cry. More and more people are talking about the environmental issues and ecological conditions of our planet Earth and taking on the responsibility of preserving our environment. As conscientious citizens of the world, each person is responsible for the health of the Earth and the interests of future generations. A lifestyle change is thus inevitable. The result of these changes can only be seen in a few decades; a small tree planted today will grow to its maximum potential only in 15 or 20 years.


SENTRAL College Penang is playing its role as a responsible corporate citizen by instilling a ‘green’ culture among its staff and students. It has embarked on more innovative methods of promoting an eco-friendly environment by integrating green practices into its business function.


The efforts SENTRAL has taken thus far are:

  • Proper disposal of electronic waste is essential for protecting the environment and preventing hazardous materials from ending up in landfills. Hence, SENTRAL collaborated with Ellusion Strategy Enterprise to dispose of electronic waste responsibly;
  • In promoting environmental sustainability within your organization staff is encouraged to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. They are given stainless steel straws, tumblers, and lunch boxes. This helps contribute to SENTRAL’s sustainability goals;
  • The Student Ambassadors and Scholarship Holders cleaned up the promenade at Karpal Singh Drive to make a positive difference in the immediate environment, raise awareness about the importance of responsible waste disposal, and the need to keep public spaces clean.
  • For the next project, the Student Ambassadors and Scholarship Holders visited Tzu Chi Recycling Education Centre. By gaining this knowledge and firsthand experience at the Tzu Chi Recycling Education Centre, the Student Ambassadors and Scholarship Holders are not only enhancing their environmental awareness but also equipping themselves to be more effective advocates for environmental protection in their community. This type of education and experience is essential for fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment in the fight against environmental degradation.
  •  The Rotaract Club targeted and cleaned up Pantai Kerachut to make the beach a suitable nesting site for sea turtles. It reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and a desire to protect and preserve the natural world. It’s an inspiring example of how dedicated individuals and organizations can make a positive impact on their local environment and contribute to the broader goals of global conservation;
  • SENTRAL’s support for the International Meatless Day Charity Carnival 2018 reflects a holistic approach to social responsibility, encompassing health, ethics, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. It shows how organizations can align their values with meaningful events and causes to make a positive impact on society;
  • SENTRAL College Penang together with the Penang State Government and Malaysian Vegetarian Society supported the Meatless Day Charity Carnival 2019. Taking the cue from the report by the UN’s Food & Agricultural Organization that livestock production accounts for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, the Malaysia Meatless Day Campaign Committee organized the Meatless Day Charity Carnival 2019. The event is a celebration of a healthy diet and a green Earth besides targeting to raise RM60,000 for Pertubuhan Kebajikan Komuniti Cakna Pulau Pinang and Sadhu Vaswani Welfare Fund. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable living, healthy eating, and community support while raising awareness about the environmental impact of dietary choices;
  • Hosting Dr. Will Tuttle’s “Healing Our World – A Closer Look at Food” talk is a significant testament to SENTRAL’s commitment to promoting healthy living and environmental sustainability. Dr. Will Tuttle is a renowned author and speaker, and his presentation on the interconnectedness of our food choices with personal well-being and the health of the planet is both enlightening and inspiring. Dr. Tuttle’s talk reflects SENTRAL’s dedication to holistic education, sustainable practices, and the well-being of its students and the community. It shows how educational institutions can play a vital role in raising awareness about critical issues and inspiring positive change;
  • The School of Computing and IT organized a talk on “The Rise of Digitalization, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities for Sustainable Tomorrow” by Dr. Muhammad Imran Sarwar from Senzo Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The objective was to create awareness and expose staff and students to Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities initiatives. Dr. Imran spoke on the current trends in the business world and their engagement with industrial 4.0 pillars such as cloud computing, big data analytics and IoT in order to create new values with improved processes. This demonstrates SENTRAL’s commitment to preparing its students and staff for the digital future. It also showcases the importance of continuous learning and staying informed about technological advancements that have the potential to reshape industries and societies.
  • Based on the concept of the three “Rs”- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the School of Business & Management organized a “Swap Store”. The event aligns with sustainability goals, community engagement, and education. It promotes responsible consumption, waste reduction, and a sense of collective responsibility for the environment. Expanding its frequency to twice a month underscores a commitment to making sustainable practices a regular part of the community’s lifestyle;
  • As corporate sustainability falls under the umbrella of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), all of SENTRAL’s activities have always been in compliance with proper governance and aligning it with the interest of all stakeholders and the SENTRAL community – staff and students. On this note, the College undertakes to install the 68kWp NEM Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System to harness solar energy from the sun on its rooftop addressing the economic, environmental and social sustainability pillars. The reduced cost gained from this System will be used to support the environment pillar. It serves as a model for responsible corporate behavior, promotes clean energy adoption, and contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.
  • To address the social pillars where it allows communities of people – within the College as well as external parties – the benefits of living in a healthier, cleaner and greener environment, SENTRAL installed the Aerus Active Pure Indoor Air Management System – the Only NASA Certified Technology Globally. The Aerus technology inactivates airborne viruses to undetectable levels of more than 99.87 to 99.96%. It reflects a commitment to providing a clean and safe environment, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for all those involved with the institution;
  • SENTRAL is committed to identifying with Theme ‘A’ of the Penang 2030 Strategic Initiative, which is to “Increase Liveability to Enhance Quality of Life”. SENTRAL had and shall continue to do its part as a responsible corporate citizen and its recognition of the importance of enhancing the quality of life for its community and the broader region. As such, SENTRAL organized the Meatless Food Bank at the peak of the pandemic to aid the needy. Such initiatives not only benefit the local population but also contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of the institution. The Meatless Food Bank initiative directly contributes to improving the quality of life for the local population by providing food assistance to those in need. This is especially important during challenging times like the pandemic. It builds a positive reputation and trust, valuable for an organization’s sustainability and creating a better and more livable environment for everyone.

Sentral’s Commitment of Engagement


In moving forward SENTRAL places sustainability core to the business strategy as it believes that the present consumption should not compromise with the needs of future generations. SENTRAL trusts that the sustainability effort it has embarked on will minimize and balance the harm towards planet Earth and at the same time create value for stakeholders. SENTRAL will be attentive to the environment, and economic and social performance in which it operates. In its commitment to sustainability and to conserve energy, all lights in common areas are switched on through a motion sensor and tap washers delivered by the Penang Water Authority installed to reduce water wastage. It will continue to promote this effort to prove the meaning of the proverb “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment” true. It is also certain that with enough effort, everyone will understand and make it their personal responsibility to create a healthy environment on this planet.