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Located at the fringe of the heritage enclave SENTRAL College Penang serves to provide an excellent and honest tertiary education platform to students in the Northern Region of Malaysia. The campus is housed in a gleaming 14-storey building, equipped with cutting-edge facilities and all amenities are within easy reach. The programmes offered are approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). The fields of studies are Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Computing & IT, Tourism & Hospitality and Early Childhood Education. The College works in partnership with University of Salford, Manchester, U.K. to provide affordable world-class U.K. degrees. The team at SENTRAL College Penang upholds its founding goal to develop students into wholesome capable individuals who will support their family, serve the community and strive for the country.
  • Class sizes are small;
  • Students are not just a name in the register, lecturers are able to give better attention to each student;
  • Students are welcome to seek one-to-one guidance out of the classroom;
  • Strong academic and non-academic support for all students;
  • Conducive learning environment.

Our Programmes

Accounting & Finance
Business Management
Corporate Training
Computing & IT
Education & General Studies
Tourism & Hospitality


FREE Foundation in Business Management

SENTRAL College Penang remains true to its founding goal – to develop students into wholesome capable individuals who will support their families, serve the community and strive for the country.
SENTRAL has made tertiary education affordable to all students with this FREE FIBM package. This package is applicable to students who upon completion of the FIBM continue to any one of SENTRAL’s degree programs.

Contact us for more info:

☎️ 04-262 1888 | wa.me/601110937968
🌐 www.sentral.edu.my


Wondering which scholarships to apply for? We can help!

We have various scholarships for most students, and one of it may be suitable for you! Contact us now to apply for our scholarship!
• Merit Scholarship
• Hope Scholarship
• Care Scholarship

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https://wa.me/601110847968 (Ms. Adeline Teng)
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https://wa.me/601110937968 (Mr. Lawrence Chuah)
https://wa.me/601110647968 (Mr. Owen Ong)
https://wa.me/60164776641 (Ms. Rosilind)
https://wa.me/601155097968 (Ms. Subhashini)

Stay safe & take care!

Active Pure

The health and safety of all SENTRALians are paramount as with delivering high-quality service to our students. We can only make positive contributions if we stay healthy and avoid contracting the virus. The Management assures all staff, students and parents that when they step into the College, they are in a safe environment. The College has installed the Aerus Active-Pure Indoor Air Management system. The Aerus technology inactivates airborne viruses to undetectable levels. Results have shown that the per cent reduction in the virus was more than 99.87 to 99.96%. However, since no virus was detected after using the experimental device, the true per cent reduction was likely greater than 99.99% in every case. Together we stay safe and healthy.

ACCA Dual Diploma

Introducing SENTRAL’s new ACCA Dual Diploma Programme! The Diploma in Accounting (DIA) and Diploma in Accounting and Business (DIAB) offers high-quality education with industry-relevant and innovative modules that adapt to the ever-changing world of business. Our graduates are able to assimilate easily into the job market and are highly marketable and sought after by employers of choice.
The students will learn to critically analyze financial and economic data, plan fiscal activity, and write and present unbiased financial information. With the diploma, students can further pursue their studies in accounting, taxation, data analysis, finance and economics.

Contact us for more info:
☎️ 04-262 1888 | wa.me/601110937968
🌐 www.sentral.edu.my


Earth Hour 2023

March 29, 2023

SENTRAL College Penang recognized and participated in the Penang Green Council’s Earth Hour on 26/3/2023. As a gesture to conserve Mother Earth, SENTRAL’s Multimedia Club[…]

HARIA! Mega Zumba

March 27, 2023

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, the Penang Women’s Development Corporation (PWDC) organized the HARIA! Mega Zumba, Purple Fiesta and Carnival at Midtown Perda,[…]

Sidang Muda 2023

March 15, 2023

Adopting a holistic approach to educating young minds, SENTRAL not only coaches our students in the classrooms but gives them the opportunity to learn outside[…]

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