Welcome to SENTRAL College Penang

Located at the fringe of the heritage enclave SENTRAL College Penang serves to provide an excellent and honest tertiary education platform to students in the Northern Region of Malaysia. The campus is housed in a gleaming 14-storey building, equipped with cutting-edge facilities and all amenities are within easy reach.

The programs offered are approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). The fields of studies are Business & Management, Accounting & Finance, Computing & IT, Tourism & Hospitality and Early Childhood Education. The College works in partnership with University of Salford, Manchester, U.K. to provide affordable world-class U.K. degrees.

The team at SENTRAL College Penang upholds its founding goal to develop students into wholesome capable individuals who will support their family, serve the community and strive for the country.


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