Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is SENTRAL College recognized?

SENTRAL College is registered with the Ministry of Education under the Private Education Institution Act 1996. SENTRAL received a 5-Star Rating by Malaysian Quality Evaluation System (MyQUEST) for private colleges. MyQUEST was developed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education in 2009 to evaluate the performance of private colleges in Malaysia.

Are the programs at SENTRAL College recognized?

To see the legitimacy of the programs, visit for the list of programs offered by SENTRAL College.

How is SENTRAL College different from other colleges?

SENTRAL is a medium size college. The classes for core subjects are not large and manageable. Our lecturers know students by name; the students are able to make an appointment with the lecturers for personal consultation.

Does SENTRAL College Penang offer scholarship?

SENTRAL offers scholarship up to 100% for qualified Malaysian students. Qualification for the scholarship starts from 4A’s and above (A, A+, A- inclusive).

What is the minimum entry requirement to enroll to a diploma program in SENTRAL College Penang?

The minimum entry requirement is a pass in SPM/SPVM/O-Level with a minimum of 3 credits. However for Accounting and Computing & IT a credit in Mathematics and pass in English.

How do I apply to SENTRAL?
  • Send your message through SENTRAL’s website
  • Email to
  • WhatsApp 011 1093 7968

You will be guided through the application process.

Is it expensive to study at a private college?

Presently SENTRAL offers affordable tuition fee at only RM19,000 with low monthly installments starting from RM85 per month for qualified students.

What programs does SENTRAL College Penang offers?

SENTRAL offers programs in the field of Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Computing & IT, Early Childhood Education, and Tourism & Hospitality.

What can I do after my SPM?

Upon completion of your SPM, you can enroll into a Diploma program at SENTRAL College Penang with a minimum entry requirement of 3 credits, pass BM and Sejarah.

What can I study with 1 credit in SPM?

With 1 credit and a pass in Mathematics, B.M. and Sejarah in SPM, you are able to enroll into Certificate in Business I.T at SENTRAL College Penang with the study duration of 1 year 5 months.

How long is the study duration of a Certificate and Diploma program?

Study duration for Certificate (1 year 5 months) and Diploma (2 years 4 months).

What are my opportunities for employment after graduation?

SENTRAL provides career opportunity to graduates via platform such as career fair and industrial placement.