Tourist Guides Programme (SKM 3)

JPKL01299/HT-023-3 2012-2/24

Tour guiding is a rewarding, exciting and challenging profession. As a Tourist Guide, you will be leading a group of local or foreign tourists within Malaysia for the purpose of sightseeing, adventure and other activities. We impart years of tour guiding experience to our students. Our trainers use a variety of effective training methods such as lecture, slides presentation, role-play, case studies, practical training on coach and site to various places in Malaysia to ensure high percentage of student passes. SENTRAL has on many occasions achieved a 100% passes in the examination conducted by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

What Can This Programme Do For You

The Tourist Guide Programme (SKM 3) equips you with highly specialized skills and knowledge needed in the travel and tourism industry. As a proud ambassador of Malaysia, you have the chance to share the country’s history and interesting tourist spots with the tourists. It allows you to combine work and travel together – get paid while you are travelling, full time or freelancing!


  • To obtain the Tourist Guide license from Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture upon passing the Tourist Guide exam.
  • To become  a professional tourist guide that represents Malaysia.

Teaching Methods:

  • Lecture, demonstration, presentation, on-site and on-coach practical training.


  • January – March
  • May – July
  • September – November


6 – 8 months

Entry RequirementProgramme StructureCareer Opportunities
  • Pass SPM with a minimum of 6 passes; or
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience as a front-liner in travel agencies / hotels
  • Diploma / degree recognized by MOE / MQA

11 Core Modules

  • Tour Job Assignment Acceptance
  • Tour Arrangement Reconfirmation
  • Tourist Arrival Execution
  • Tour Commentary Delivery
  • Tour Itinerary Execution
  • Tourist Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Handling
  • Tourist Departure Execution
  • Customized Tourist Services Execution
  • Tour Payment Arrangement
  • Optional Tours Execution
  • Post Tour Reporting

Practical Session

  • Training on Coach
  • Training on Site

Tourist Guide graduates can look forward to exciting careers in the travel and tourism industry:

  • National City Tour Guide
  • Tour Leader
  • Tour Executive / Manager
  • Tour Consultant
  • Vocational Trainer / Instructor
  • Tourism Researcher / Consultant

SENTRAL College Penang: Hone Your Skills With Tourist Guide Course To Obtain License In Malaysia

At SENTRAL College Penang, we bring years of expertise to our students in tourist guide course to be not just licensed but professional tour guide in Malaysia. We employ effective training methods like lectures, presentations, and practical coaching to ensure high success rates

With the Tourist Guide Programme (SKM 3), you gain specialized skills essential for the travel and tourism industry. Embrace your role as a proud Malaysian ambassador, sharing our country’s history and unique attractions with visitors. Plus, enjoy the freedom to work while you travel, whether full-time or freelancing!

Get in touch with us now, and in just 6 – 8 months, you’ll be ready to pass the Tourist Guide exam and obtain your official license from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture. Unlock thrilling career opportunities as a National City Tour Guide, Tour Leader, Tour Executive/Manager, Tour Consultant, Vocational Trainer/Instructor, or Tourism Researcher/Consultant. Embrace your passion for travel and make a difference today!