Learning OutcomeCourse Objectives

By the end of this SENTRAL College’s Speak Up and Be Heard training, participants will be able to:-
• Express themselves clearly and confidently
• Experience the benefits they want in all aspects of their life
• Deliver an assignment speech;
• Undertake a leadership role

Nervousness and speech anxiety is a problem every communicator must confront. Feeling nervous when communicating is healthy; it shows your communication skills are important to you and that you care about doing well. But unless you learn to manage and control nervousness, it can keep you from becoming an effective communicator. This program is designed to increase your confidence in speaking up as most schools and universities do not offer this type of training. You will learn how to formulate, express and sell your ideas and yourself with poise and confidence. It will help enhance your communication skills among clients and colleagues. Because of the confidence you gain from improving your communication skills, you will be able to take advantage of any opportunity that will come your way.