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1A Conceptual Paper on the Behavioral Pattern of Malaysian Public Listed Companies in their Share Buyback ProgramsPang Wee Pat Winston2019Global Business and Management ResearchArticle
2Classification of Microarray Datasets Using Random ForestNg Ee Ling2009University Sains MalaysiaThesis
3Awareness of Knowledge Management Among Higher Learning Institutions A ReviewNg Ee Ling2014American-Eurasian Network for Scientific InformationArticle
4Evaluation Method in Random Forest as Applied to Microarray DataNg Ee Ling2008Malaysian Journal of Mathematical SciencesArticle
5Psychosocial Safety Climate and Burnout: The Mediating Role of Challenge and Hindrance DemandsKok Ban Teoh2019Journal of Management and Marketing ReviewArticle
6How does Work Engagement Affect Psychosocial Safety Climate and Burnout? The Case of the Malaysian Research UniversitiesKok Ban Teoh2018Asia Proceedings of Social SciencesArticle
7Evaluating the Performances of Statistical and Neural Network Based Control ChartsKok Ban Teoh2015AIP Conference ProceedingsArticle
8A Study on Factors Affecting Mobile Network Preferences in Penang Island Using Bayesian NetworkKok Ban Teoh2014Research in Statistical Sciences, School of Mathematical Sciences, USMChapter in Book
9An Empirical Study of Share Buyback Behaviour and Earnings Management of Companies in Malaysia Pang Wee Pat2020International Journal Of Contemporary management and TechnologyArticle
10Share buybacks as an avenue for managerial opportunism – a Malaysian experiencePang Wee Pat2020International Journal Of Contemporary management and TechnologyArticle
11Pengaruh Kepimpinan Autentik Di Tadika Swasta Pulau PinangSiti Fairos, Al Amin2019Jurnal Kepimpinan PendidikanArtikel
12Psychosocial Safety Climate and Work-Related Outcomes in Malaysian Research Universities: The Role of Job DemandsKia Hui Gan, Daisy Mui Hung Kee2020International Journal of Psychosocial RehabilitationArtikel