Accounting talk on 2 August 2018 by Ernst & Young (EY)

The directors of Ernst & Young, Mr Alvin Chang and Mr Adrian Lam together with their staff Mr Tan Zhi Yi and Miss Elizabeth conducted a sharing session with SENTRAL’s students from the CAT, ACCA, DIA and BAF programme. The talk was on the pathway to become an accountant and the roles of an accountant.

Yvonne Chin, the organising committee member, commented that she obtained valuable information; she said “As the speakers are auditors, they focused more on the auditing part. From there, I found out the real facts of the working areas of an auditor rather than just reading from the text. They shared their working experiences from the time when they first joined EY and their achievements until today.”

Wen Xin, the MC for the talk noted that “The level of expertise and knowledge of the presenters are excellent. It was truly an interesting and informative sharing session”.

Pei Ling, a committee member commented “From this event, I gainned a lot of knowledge about the accounting firm. I know that communication and speaking are equally important in the accounting field”.