Basic Financial Planning Workshop

The Basic Financial Planning Workshop held in conjunction with the Financial Literacy Month 2023 on 12/10/23 was aimed at enhancing the financial literacy and knowledge of our students. This objective aligns with the broader purpose of the Financial Literacy Month which is to promote financial education and empower individuals with essential financial skills. The workshop featured prominent speakers, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Kong Wai Seng and Dr. Careemah Chong, who are experts in the field of finance and financial planning. Their wealth of experience and knowledge in the subject matter added significant value to the event. The workshop emphasized an interactive approach to learning. It included activities, group discussions, and Q&A sessions. This allowed students to actively engage with the material and ask questions, ensuring that they not only absorbed the information but also gained a practical understanding of how to apply it to their personal financial situations. Such initiatives play a crucial role in equipping individuals with the necessary financial skills to make informed and responsible financial decisions.