Chinese New Year Lion Dance

In Malaysia, Chinese New Year is a time of festivity for all Malaysians. At SENTRAL College it was no exception. The staff had an explosive time on the third day of the New Year when two lions came roaring at the College. According to the traditional Chinese belief, the lion signifies courage, stability and superiority. The lively performance is accompanied by clashing cymbals and drum while the lions moved to the specific musical rhythm.
The dramatic climax of the performance is the “Cai Qing” or “Picking the Green”. Lying on the floor, the vegetable leaves – sang choy – and mandarin oranges are “chewed” by the lion while the musicians play a dramatic rolling crescendo; the lull is broken as the lion explodes back into action, spitting out the leaves. This is a symbolic act of blessing by the lion, while the spitting out of the leaves signify abundance of everything in the coming year. The mandarins’ wedges were arranged to display the Chinese character “fu”, meaning good fortune or happiness. The alumnus and students and staffs were indeed fascinated and entertained by the lion dance. This ritual demonstrates how
one should approach the ineffable with determination and dexterity. The spirits of comradeship amongst the staff were raised; the team is prepared to forge forward propelling SENTRAL College to the next level.