Cleaning Rumah Charis (Old Folks Home)

This event is to encourage to give back to the society through help out community by getting involved in this event. Students will learn a lot of new stuff that able to help them in future by joining this event and helping out the community to express the feeling of caring with full of love. We fulfilled the purpose of this program by expressing the feeling of love to the old folks through some of the activities such as talk with old folks and distribute and food that the centre provided for them. We also provided them a good service for the old folks such as help them clean up the places. For example, sweep and mop the floor, wash the toilet, and wipe the fan and window that old folks unable to do. It also improved bond between the members like distributed the tasks and do it together in a group. It also helps to promote awareness of the Rotaract Club and Charis Old Folks Home.