Develop with Dell

The “Develop With Dell” program that took place at the Dell Global Business Center from 2-6/10/23, provided students pursuing the Diploma in Computer Systems Technology (DCST) and BSc.(Hons) Software Engineering 3+0 (BSE) program a valuable opportunity. Organized by the Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) in collaboration with Dell Technologies, the program aims to empower youths with essential IT, digital and soft skills focusing on client technologies, enterprise foundations and career readiness.

Participants were given exclusive access to a specialized curriculum. This curriculum was based on comprehensive training modules that Dell Technologies had developed over the years for its partners and customers. This ensured that participants received high-quality training and information directly from industry experts. Upon successful completion participants were awarded a certificate of completion issued jointly by Dell Education Services and PYDC, serving as a testament to the skills and knowledge that participants had gained during the program. It not only provided them with technical knowledge but also focused on preparing them for the professional world, making them more competitive in the job market.