DTM – Out-of-country Study Trip (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

The Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM) students accompanied by a lecturer went on an out-of-country study trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 4 -7/11/18. The objectives of the study trip were for the students to understand the growth and development of heritage and culture within the travel industry and its importance; and to recognize the significance of preserving the tangible and intangible heritage of the country. The concerted effort of the local authorities has boosted the tourism industry. Vietnam has fast become a choice destination of travellers to South East Asia.

The study trip was extremely relevant to the students as these concerns are in the syllabus of the Tourism Cultural and Heritage subject. Among all the places of interest the DTM students visited – the Bee House, Tropical Fruit Garden, Local Art & Craft Centre, Coconut Candy Factory – the ones that made the most impression were the historical Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Central Post Office. They even managed to send some postcards back to Malaysia from the Post Office.

At the Mekong Delta, the students were able to experience the culture and business activities of the locals. Not forgetting the boat ride while being serenaded by the locals with Southern Vietnamese folk music. It was not all rosy when they had the opportunity to experience the hardship of the Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War by crawling through the Chu Chi Tunnel.

Largely, the study trip enables the students a better understanding of the importance of conserving local culture and heritage. They will too appreciate the theories learned within the confine of the classrooms; to value and accept cross border culture making them more holistic and be compassionate citizens in a global society.