Gamification in IoT Application

The School of Computing & IT organized an engaging and enlightening webinar – “Gamification of IoT Application: How IoT and Gamification Work Together” on 23/6/23. The webinar aimed to delve deeper into the exciting convergence and understanding of gamification and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, how the game design elements are used to engage users to be more interactive, competitive, and socially engaging. The speaker, Ms. Kwan Lee, Tsue shared her experiences and knowledge, discussing the role of gamification in enhancing user engagement, the integration of IoT devices in gamified experiences, and the ethical considerations associated with this fusion. The event highlighted the potential for gamification and IoT to revolutionize various industries, including education, navigation systems, and entertainment. It also emphasized the importance of ethical considerations and responsible design practices in leveraging these technologies for positive outcomes.