Helping Students to Transition from Online Classes to Physical Classes after MCO 3.0

Going back to physical classes after MCO 3.0 has elicited a heap of emotions for students, parents and teachers. Some can’t wait for physical classes to start, but many are still anxious. Just as the transition from physical to online classes was difficult, online classes to physical will be twice as difficult. It can be mentally demanding and exhausting. The Marketing Department of SENTRAL fully understands the predicament of the students; hence, for their benefits organized this webinar. Our deep appreciations go to Dato’ Dr. Lai Fong Hwa and Datin Indranee Liew for facilitating the webinar with the ‘broaden and build’ approach which we believed truly benefited the students.

Thank you to our friends from Phuket Rajabhat University and Loei Rajabhat University for joining us. We trust that it has been beneficial to you.