Life-Long Learning is the Way Forward

We had probably known that the shift in job demands happens every decade and more recently every three to five years. The duration was expedited especially after the global COVID-19 pandemic which hit without signals and caused an unforeseen change in the way we do things. Learning is not exceptional too since it is deemed as one of the most important process in one’s life. In fact, the sudden attack of the virus has only made us realised that the only way forward is to keep innovating and fitting in the environment where abrupt changes take place regularly in order to remain relevant. Failure to do so will result in one being obsolete in the industry.

A recent article by Blueera Technologies, Inc. in LinkedIn titled “Top 10 In-Demand Skills for 2025” reported that a mix of both hard and soft skills is the most in-demand skills for 2025. Employers are now actively seeking for employees with great abilities in problem-solving, self-management and working with people. While we reckoned that the invention of AI has brought convenience to many of us, it can never replace humans in solving human problems. Hence, problem-solving is still an important factor when it comes to work. On the other hand, self-management is deemed as a crucial on-demand skill as part of their continuous professional development. Indeed Career Guide article named “Self-Management Skills: Definition, Examples and Tips” defined self-management skill as a skill which allows one to maximise his or her productivity and improve their workplace performance in achieving his or her professional goals. We want to cultivate the mindset where one dares to come out of his or her comfort zone in order to unleash greater potentials. You can see an accounting student who takes up the challenge to do coding, only to realise that he or she too has hidden talents in the latter. Managing self is equally important as it ensures that one is able to cope with stress and pressure positively. In the current world where internet has enabled communication to know no boundaries, the objective of working with people could be achieved at greater heights. Leveraging on the availability of tools and wireless communication, we are able to work with anyone in the world. In the higher learning institutions like SENTRAL, students are often given the opportunities to participate in international events, talks and seminars which could give them chances to work with others as well.
Students of SENTRAL College Penang have the privilege to earn the latest knowledge (hard skills) through passionate and experienced lecturers as well as engaged in numerous activities and events (soft skills) conducted internally and with external parties. As an institution which aims to significantly impact its students, SENTRAL never-endlessly provide a platform for students to unleash their potentials and hidden talents. This is proven with a record of over the past 21 years where SENTRAL has churned out thousands of graduates who are now contributing to the country’s economy through their dynamic careers and compassionate characteristics.

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Written by Ms. Nel Ng