Penang Trip

Since the pandemic, it has disrupted students’ travel, affecting major plans for students all across the world. SENTRAL is no exception. Our International Students have been with us since then but did not have the opportunity to walk around Penang.
But after our country lifted the restrictions, the College decided to take our International Students to visit a few interesting places around the City; this will help them to know more about our local culture, history as well as our development. The students enjoyed the city tour and look forward to having a pleasant stay and an enriching student experience with SENTRAL College Penang.
“Thank you very much Miss for the city tour. It was amazing.” – Bakil Najib, Yemen
“Thank you for the trip, it was a nice experience.” – Amira Al Abadi, Moldova
“Thank you for the trip Ms Ros. It was a very interesting trip & I enjoyed all the places.” – Artaria Binti Raskitar. Indonesia