Symposium 2021

The School of Business & Management organised its very first Symposium: “Moving Forward: Next Step? Unlocking Resources & Resetting Directions” on 22 & 23/9/2021. In bringing the Symposium to reality we envisioned these objectives:

  • To instill rigor among the undergraduates in determining their future career paths;
  • We strive for impact through the expert opinions and outlooks of our speakers. We hope to fit the expectations of the job seekers to the future job market demands.
  • We strive for prestige by inviting distinguished speakers who are experts in their fields to provide a platform for participants to engage and network with.

We believed the Symposium has helped prepare our students on their career paths, understand the demands of the job market and the evolvement of the market as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The eminent speakers and panelists from across the field who have shared their thoughts, knowledge and opinions have certainly benefitted every attendee especially all SENTRALians.