The Auspicious Lions @ SENTRAL

If asked to describe a performance during the Chinese New Year, it would undoubtedly be the Lion Dance. An important tradition, the Lion Dance is performed to bring good luck and fortune as in Chinese culture the lion symbolizes power, wisdom and superiority. After two years of absence, two lions pranced into SENTRAL.
Clashing cymbals and thumping drums accompanied the lions’ coordinated movements. The presence of the lions enlivens the festive mood as their movements and ritualistic performance are deeply rooted in history, culture and mystical beliefs. The dramatic climax of the performance is the “Cai Qing” or “Picking the Green”. Lying on the floor, the vegetable leaves – sang choy and mandarin oranges – are “chewed” by the lions. This ritual demonstrates how we should approach the ineffable with determination and dexterity.
We are honoured to have YB Daniel Gooi Zi Sen ADUN for Pengkalan Kota with us this morning who witnessed the contribution of financial aid by SENTRAL to 12 NGOs.
Gong Xi Fa Cai from SENTRAL College Penang. May the Year of the Water Rabbit bring happiness, good health, good fortune and prosperity to all Malaysians! Thank you, YB and the representatives of the NGOs for spending your time with us.