Tour de World

Tour de World was a successful event organised by students from Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM) in fulfilment of their assignment for Event Management module. This event was the brainchild of the 19 DTM students who planned and organised together tirelessly as a professional event organiser.

Tour de World was held in SENTRAL College Penang on 1st July 2018 (Sunday), 8.30am to 1pm. This treasure hunt competition attracted the attention of young participants effortlessly for the nature of the game that is fun and thrilling. Hence, the DTM students could easily hit the targeted number of participants to join the event. There were 40 participants (8 groups) in this event. This number was a push for the DTM students to work together even more diligently in order to leave an unforgettable experience for the participants as well as to uphold the good name of School of Tourism and Hospitality. The fee was RM40 per group (5 teammates). It was inclusive of door gifts (G-soft ball pen and vouchers), mineral water, breakfast, lunch, certificate of participation and memory.

The participants in a group of five had to complete all the stations in order to win the Grand Prize which worth RM500 cash and RM500 cash vouchers from Palm Cove Centre. Second and third prizes were hampers. A big applause ought to be given to the DTM students for their ability to obtain a total of RM1500 cash sponsorship from Miss Ang Ah Chu (RM1000), Dato’ Ng Tong Hai (RM300) and Mr. Raynaldo Albert, the organising chairperson of this event (RM200). They also managed to get vouchers as a door gifts from various company such as Ming Xiang Tai, SWEN, MERRY ME, BORU and Joh-Eun Halu. In addition to that, Village Fish Head Bee Hoon sponsored 10 cartons of mineral water as well as Mr. Ng Chin Chee sponsored 80 pieces of Massimo Bread as breakfast for participants, volunteer helpers and organiser.

The DTM students were really dedicated to this event. They designed, drew and handmade most of the decorative items and props on the stage and game stations. This is in order to impress the participants by giving them a travel-around-the-world experience in SENTRAL College. Each of the station was creatively decorated to the theme that represents the respective country: Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy and Malaysia. In addition to that, the game in each station was designed by the DTM students based on the culture, heritage and traditional games of the respective country. It was not just educational but also involved physical activities. It is a well-rounded treasure hunt that challenged the brain and stamina of participants.

The first group that completed the treasure hunt at 11.30am was a group of five participants with a high spirit. They really went all out during the competition. The second and third groups arrived at 12noon. Prize giving ceremony was carried out immediately after the participants devoured their lunch. Certificate of participation also awarded to all participants. All the participants went home with smile on their faces. The organiser was satisfied and happy. With this event organising experience, the DTM students is exposed to real world scenarios and managed to overcome all issues with ease. All the hard work was paid off.

Again, kudos to the DTM students who managed to plan, gathered resources and organised Tour de World independently. Good job!

Participants were at China Station kicking shuttlecock continuously for five times without fail in order to win the game.
Participants were at Japan station to complete the challenge that is related to Japanese culture.
Grand prize winner
Second prize winner
Third prize winner
Group photo of organising committee and participants