Women’s Empowerment & Wellness Expo

On 29/5/24, the School of Education & General Studies hosted the Women’s Empowerment & Wellness Expo, marking a momentous occasion filled with enthusiasm and appreciation.
The event served as a beacon of empowerment, bringing together a diverse array of individuals including staff, students, parents, and community members, all united in celebration of women’s strength and resilience. The day was ablaze with inspiring talks delivered by esteemed women leaders, complemented by a vibrant showcase of exhibitor booths and health screenings.
The palpable energy and fervent engagement witnessed were nothing short of awe-inspiring. We extend our deepest gratitude to our guests of honour, exhibitors, staff and students whose unwavering dedication and passion breathed life into this event, making it an overwhelming success.
A special note of appreciation is reserved for Dato’ Ong Bee Lean, YB Puan Syerleena Bt Abdul Rashid, and Dr. Zawani Bt Razali, whose presence and stirring words left an indelible mark on all attendees, igniting flames of inspiration and empowerment that will continue to burn brightly within our college community and beyond.
As we reflect on the resounding success of the Women’s Empowerment & Wellness Expo, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to host more transformative events that uplift and empower women, shaping a future where their voices resonate louder and their potential knows no bounds.