2018 Language Week

Are you ready! It’s Language Time!

The School of Business & Management organised a small scale event held over period of a week on 8th October 2018 to 15th October 2018, not only to engage but to create awareness and showcase the diverse languages in Malaysia coinciding with “Minggu Bahasa Kebangsaan”. This event kicked off with Bahasa Melayu, the Malaysian national language followed by the others such as English and Mandarin. Open for all speakers and non-speakers of the language seeking to improve and learn language differently.

During the Bahasa week there were two activities conducted over the period of three days “Peka Bahasa”, where the participants had to figure out the mechanics of words and phrases posted on the event board (Library) based on spelling and enunciation; and “Pertandingan Debat”, was a competition focused on the speaking skill to debate about the Pros and Cons of Social Media.

Next was English, four different activities were conducted over the span of two days. Day one consisted of “A Spelling Bee Competition”, in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words with varying difficulty and “Sing Off”, which was held in the Student Lounge to entice the students to sing a list of familiar English songs and the audience had to decide who sung it better. Day two was something casual with “Read that Poem Better” in which participants had to read poems with various inflections in their tone and last but not least “Role-play” where participants will assume the roles of characters based on the provided story.

In the following week Mandarin consisted of two activities, “Chinese Character Interpretation Exhibit” where it showcases the evolution of the characters from the oracle bone scripts to the regular Mandarin script used today and “Chinese Calligraphy” where participants are taught to write non-Sinitic names in Mandarin. Though the event was small the turnout for this event was well-received and participants enjoyed a variant of languages presented during the week.