DTM – School of Tourism CSR & Family Day

On 20th October 2018, all DTM students gathered at Miami Beach, Batu Feringghi for the CSR and Family Day organised by the School of Tourism and Hospitality. A total of 25 students and three staff participated in this event.

The event started at 3.00 pm. The main aim is to promote Values in Action for students to care for the beaches as well as the environment and also create bonding among all DTM students. In conjunction to this, School of Tourism and Hospitality conducted the CSR (cleaning the beaches) to encourage students to understand the importance of taking ownership of the beaches, reflect on how their own habits and actions affect Penang’s cleanliness and inspire participants to take responsibility by cleaning the beach for all to enjoy. Taking part in a beach clean-up is one way to keep the beaches and the environment healthy for everyone to enjoy.

The day started off with an opening ceremony and were then briefed on the safety procedures by Ms Joanna, Head of School of Tourism and Hospitality. Teamwork and collaboration were an immensely important factor in an efficient beach clean-up, so as they were divided into half the teams went away and cleaned their respected areas. One team focused on the northern region of the beach whilst the other focused on the south. The excited participants scoured high and low for all sorts of waste materials such as plastic bottles, cartons, cigarette butts scattered all over the once pristine beach. The beach clean-up only took 2 hours as team work was exemplified during this short period of time. Students all came together to bring this beach back to life.

After gathering back for a reenergizing, students enjoyed themselves with other activities such as barbeque and play along the beach. The activity ended around 6.45 p.m. Overall, the activity was a success, not only bring together the students but also rejuvenated a beach for the people and for wildlife. At the same time, the activity had brought good benefits to every student as it had given them a close encounter with the importance of awareness and keeping the beaches clean for generations to come. Students have gained broader perspectives and personal awareness to allow them to further develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.