A Day for Heaven Kids

Children with special needs and capabilities must be nurtured and guided to grow alongside with normal children for better outcomes. SENTRAL College Penang has taken an initiative in organising the event, “A Day for Heaven Kids” on 8/11/18. The College has invited 20 special pupils from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Tanjong Bunga (SKPKTB) accompanied by 7 school teachers to participate in a half a day event with exciting activities. The main objective of the event is to share the love of SENTRALIANS with the special pupils.

The activities were successfully carried out with the help of lecturers and students of SENTRAL College Penang. The special children showered the environment with lots of joy, excitement and enthusiasm. Great teamwork and cooperation maintained throughout the event made them to win some prizes.

SENTRAL College Penang was praised for a great opportunity given for the special children in order to feel blessed and loved. Teachers gave positive feedback too and looking forward for more activities to be participated in the future.