Academic Sharing Session – Transportation & Warehouse

The School of Business & Management organized an enlightening academic sharing session dedicated to Transportation & Warehousing for the students pursuing the Diploma in Business Studies on 25/10/23.

Dr. Murugan Narayanan, the featured speaker, is the Assistant Warehouse Manager at the Ipoh Cargo Terminal, recognized as the first inland port in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. His extensive expertise and knowledge in Transportation & Warehousing were instrumental in delivering an insightful and informative session. He imparted his practical experience and insights into managing transport and warehouse operations at the cargo terminal. The content covered a wide range of essential subjects, including safety protocols, loading and unloading procedures, customs documentation, and the handling of various types of cargo, such as chemicals, food products, and raw materials.

The session enriched the learning experience of the students, served as an eye-opener to the intricacies of the real-world working environment and offered them a glimpse into the world of transportation and warehousing, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the subject matter.