Play-based Pedagogy on Language and Literacy

The School of Education and General Studies organised a talk on “Play-based Pedagogy on Language and Literacy” in collaboration with Ms. Joanne McCann, the Nursery Lead at St. Christopher’s International Primary School. The insights and tips shared during such events can be invaluable for educators working with young learners.

Ms. Joanne’s emphasis on flexibility and adaptability in the classroom, particularly in the context of “Messy play,” is a valuable perspective. Young children can have varying needs and interests, and being observant and flexible as a teacher allows for a more responsive and engaging learning environment. This approach can create a more student-centred learning experience, tailored to the children’s current interests and developmental stages. The collaboration and knowledge-sharing between educators can lead to the implementation of effective teaching strategies that benefit both teachers and students. It’s essential for teachers to stay updated with the latest research and best practices in education, as well as to share their own experiences and insights to continuously improve the quality of education for young learners.