Inter School Quiz 2020

SENTRAL College Penang hosted the 2nd INTER SCHOOL QUIZ 2020 on 29 February 2020. We consider it our privilege to host this event for 130 students; we strive to nurture young minds in their formative years creating responsible and knowledgeable leaders of tomorrow.

The students were on their edge when the quiz started. Though they may have practiced in their classroom but the actual participation in the quiz adds some challenge and excitement. After three grueling round the winning teams emerged. The Champion and 2nd Runner goes to the students from SMK Jalan Damai and the First Runner were students from SMJK Convent Datuk Keramat.

SENTRAL College Penang awards the winners with cash prizes, trophy, colour printer and certificate! Kudos to all teams and we are proud of all of you~~!!